During her transformation to Devil Kazumi, her kanzashi can be seen and heard falling off after she was struck with a lightning strike while she was down on her knees and being engulfed with a white haze. It's possible that her kanzashi acts as a limiter device to restrain her Devil Gene. In one of the Heihachi's flashbacks, she wears the same traditional kimono dress as in her current attire as her fringes on her hair is parted on the right side. Also in one of Heihachi's flashbacks after she gives birth to her son, Kazuya and shows it to her husband in both scenes, Kazumi wears a white short sleeve martial arts gi with a black belt which tucked into her gi, a matching martial arts pants and white sandals. Her long black hair is tied in a low ponytail at the right side. Kazumi has a combination between both Heihachi and Kazuya's moves as she gains both their Demon Slayer and Flash Punch Combo. Her own moves include vicious punches and strikes, and another skill where she flurries her opponent with several punches as well as knocking her opponent with both a roundhouse kick and a straight kick. Her unique ability is to summon her pet tiger which can be done during a combo or individually, it is also seen after Kazumi performs an uppercut along with her tiger. She shares her ex-husband's Hell Axle but has an additional downward kick and his unblockable move but it's not as strong as his. She also has a taunt where she calmly pets her tiger during the fight. Kazumi's (and Devil Kazumi's) Rage Art move involves stunning her opponent with a single punch to the gut, knocking him/her with an uppercut, unleashing a single punch and a kick with two consecutive punches followed with another kick in mid-air and finally slamming the opponent with a heavy blow on his/her chest before landing on the ground [2].
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